CTS Resources

Zipped files must be downloaded and unzipped on a computer. Most phones and tablets will not open zipped files.

Getting Started Guide

The Getting Started Guide is an introduction to getting started with CTS. It can answer questions such as, “How do I start?” It reviews the general categories of CTS, and gives some brief insight into starting a CTS program at your church.


Category Descriptions

Category Descriptions give an explanation, a purpose, and some tips regarding competing and training for a given category. Also included are Judging Sheets, used in all levels of competition to accurately assess the performance of a contestant.


Entry Forms

Entry Forms are what is needed to compete. Students will fill out an entry form for each category they are competing in.



The Regional/State Directory is a living document that contains information of regional and state leaders who may be able to answer specific questions regarding your district or state’s CTS programs. If you have updated information or can add contact information for a regional leader, please email to CTS@verticalthree.com.


Game Boards

Game Boards are exact replicas of the boards used at the Church Training Service Expo (the National). You can use these to hold practice games or practice scenarios. A sample Bible Millionaire game and template are also included.


Competition Codes

Competition Codes show which category is assigned to which Competition Code. This allows you to properly fill out an Entry Form, as well as ease of access to rules in the Guidebook for your specific category.